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Web Design Services in North America

Do you know that the internet offers you tons of opportunities for your type of business? Well, you can use this power for your benefit!

At Web Design Shop, we’ll help in establishing your online presence today so you can rediscover your marketing potential. Whether you need website design services, web development, SEO services, or site maintenance, we got your back!

Make Your Website future-Proof, Get More Traffic

Wondering why you need a mobile-responsive web design? Whether yours is a small business, or a multinational enterprise, having a responsive web design will boost your brand’s credibility and create a stronger digital footprint. Also, a responsive website design will attract more web page visitors, maximize your conversions, and boost sales. The right web page design will keep you ahead of your competition and offer your target clients an amazing online experience.

According to a recent study, over 3.6 billion people globally use smartphones. In the US alone most adults spend at least 3 hours on their phones every day. With this in mind and considering that the number keeps growing, you definitely need a web design that accommodates these internet users.

.Get Better Ranking

To determine your website’s value, search engines will consider your website’s speed, content, and usability. If your web page is SEO-optimized and has a responsive website design, you’ll appear in more searches.

.Lower Maintenance Costs

If you have a responsive web design, your potential customers will be able to access your website on any device. This eliminates the need for multiple website versions or coding which, in return, lowers your website development costs. 

.Generate More Leads

Our web design experts will install the right signals for your website and make it optimized for mobile use. With all this in place, your website will become a lead-generating machine!

.Get More Conversions

A responsive website design will move potential customers to your sales funnel and also, complement other marketing campaigns.  Using our WordPress web design services, we’ll make your website mobile-friendly and increase conversion rates.

Improving User Experience With Responsive Web Design

One of the best ways to boost your website’s user experience is having a responsive website design. No matter the screen resolution, having a responsive web design will offer your customers an amazing online experience. 

Core Web Vitals, one of Google’s new metrics measures the websites’ speed and user experience. These and other factors will determine your website’s user experience score. So, if you want your website to rank higher on the bases of user experience and speed, hire our web design agency.

Result-Oriented WordPress Website Design Services
At 59.4%, WordPress has the biggest market share in Content Management System (CMS). Also, about 35% of online platforms are powered by WordPress which gets over 1.1 million new domain registrations after every 6 months.

With our WordPress web design services, you’ll establish the perfect digital framework to help you rise above the competition. Your WordPress web design experts will work with you to ensure that your new website is in line with your brand and goals.

And because we use the latest industry trends, we guarantee WordPress website design services exceeding your goals and specifications.

Website Design Services
Website Analysis

The WordPress website design experts at Web Design Shop will conduct a complete site analysis to determine your site’s strengths, weaknesses, potential threats, and conversion opportunities. Also, we’ll conduct SEO audits, competitors’ analysis, website speed, web functionality, and web traffic.

Using our findings, we’ll craft a way to boost your website’s usability, increase engagements, and get more conversions.

Website Hosting

If you are looking for ways to make your website load faster, get Web Design Shops hosting services. We provide a wide range of web hosting plans that suit your budget and goals including:

Also, we offer you unlimited access to website management tools so your domain can remain secure.

Website Maintenance

To keep your website in operation at all times, you need consistent site maintenance. At Web Design Shop, we perform regular site checks and maintenance so we can know the areas that require improvement.

Using our analytics results, we’ll create a plan to boost your website’s security, increase traffic, and offer a better user experience.

eCommerce Web Design

Do you know that over 90% of internet shoppers will bypass a website and never go back due to poor user experience? Well, with Web Design Shop’s eCommerce website design, you don’t have to go through this.

Our eCommerce web design experts will optimize your website by:

Shopify Web Design

Is it time to build your online shop? Contact Web Design Shop for a secure, SEO-friendly Shopify website made to match your brand. Our website design company will ensure that your Shopify website can fit on any screen and is accessible on multiple devices.

Also, we’ll get rid of visual clutter, nonessential widgets, and use high-resolution images and content that matches your brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Through our professional web design services, we’ll move your website visitors to the lower funnel. Our web design professionals will boost your website’s speed, remove unnecessary fields, install clear-to-call actions, and make your website navigable.

Also, we’ll ensure that every aspect of your site is optimized for conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

Getting SEO-friendly web design services will make it easier for search engines to find your website. Our web design experts will optimize your content, use the perfect image alt tag, apply link building, and follow all W3C standards to ensure your site is search engines-friendly.

Best of all, search engine optimization will make your site rank higher and appear in more relevant searches.

Content Creation

At Web Design Shop, we craft comprehensive, up-to-date content that addresses the needs of your customers. Our content writing specialists will optimize your website content so you can rank high on search engines.

Logo Design

Do you know that your business logo is a key recognition point for your clients? Also, your logo forms the basis for your brand?

At Web Design Shop, we design custom logos that convey a brand’s identity and trustworthiness. So, if you are searching for affordable logo design services, give us a call.

Video Production

According to a recent study, over 51% of marketing experts consider videos as the perfect tool to grab audience attention. When you use top-quality videos on your site, you’re more likely to get high-converting customers.

At Web Design Shop, we have a team of videographers who will create videos that brings out the best of your brand. It will be the perfect bait to make visitors explore your website.

Key Components of Expert Website Design

With many years of experience in website development, we know that building great websites that rank higher requires the following:

Beautiful Websites

Because you only make 1 first impression, our web designers give their all to give your visitors the WOW factor!

The truth is, web visitors will gauge your business’ credibility with what they see on your website. So, you need to ensure that your website’s design is attention-grabbing and enticing.

If people cannot navigate your website with ease and can’t find valuable content, they’ll simply leave. Well, you don’t have to go through this!

At Web Design Shop, we strive to create beautiful, simple, easy-to-navigate websites. This way, your web visitors will feel as if everything is where it’s supposed to be.

Easy to Use
Top-Quality Content

Having a beautiful website and no content or poor content never works. It is like trying to drive a car with no fuel or engine. Your website requires compelling, concise content that has a clear call to action.

At Web Design Shop, we create relevant, search engine-friendly content that brings out your business objectives.

From the onset, we choose the ideal conversion for your site. This can be submitting a form, making a call, or purchasing a product.

Then, we keep this call to action in mind from designing, coding, to content writing. Why? Because just like you, we want to make your website the key growth tool for your business.

High Conversion Rate
Grow Traffic

At Web Design Shop, our focus is seeing new websites grow every day. This is why we create effective marketing plans including:

Website Design FAQs

Have any questions in mind? Just let us know.

How long will it take to design my website?

This depends on various factors including:

  • Size of your website
  • Your choice of website design
  • Whether you need special effects for your website

During our free consultation, we’ll provide a clear estimate of how long it will take to build your website.

Can I build my own website?

Yes, if you have the skills. However, considering the high competition and the ever-changing search engine ranking requirements, hiring a professional web design company is recommended.

Why should I invest in professional web design services?

  • Increase your conversion rates
  • Rank higher on search engines
  • Make your website more competitive
What is your approach to designing websites that sells?

#1. Appearance: Having a beautiful website is key to getting new customers. When creating your website we include the following:

  • Modern design
  • Highly-optimized images
  • Multimedia of diverse forms

#2. Ease of navigation: we want your web visitors to be able to move freely from one web page to the next. And if they want to go back to where they started, do so with a simple click.

#3. Attention-grabbing website: we want your website visitors to stay so you can make more conversions.

#4. Proper direction: We make it easy for your customers to move freely from page to page. To do this, we provide relevant guides including drop-down menus, visuals, and more.

#5. Action: With a clear call to action, we guide website visitors on what they need to do. Sounds bossy but works in getting more conversions!

Why should I hire Web Design Shop for my website development?
  • We have many years of experience
  • A dedicated team of web designers with unmatched skills
  • We build custom websites
  • We are always up-to-date on the latest web design trends.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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